Challenge for LOVE day!!

Valentine’s Day…February 14th…is the western’s world day of LOVE..β€β€πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’›

Simple to just celebrate it, right? But I wouldn’t be ME if I didn’t throw a challenge out there to inspire free thought.

And let me insert a disclaimer to make you all aware that no I am not a Valentine’s day Debby downer. I think it is awesome to encourage people to vibrate on a high love frequency to raise the vibration in unison on this particular day.

But let me ask you a question to challenge your mind…

What if you were never told to celebrate love on this day? What would love look like to You? Do you know your love language? Do you believe that one day of gifts and adoration proves you are loved by a person? Or are you a believer of actions and unconditional love energies being bestowed unto you for the rest of the 364 days of the year?

Let me challenge you even further…What beliefs do you have that make you feel you are unworthy of being loved unconditionally every day? What programming have you been exposed to that makes you excited to be loved with the conditions surrounding Valentine’s day?!

Could it stem from your childhood because you weren’t genuinely loved by a parent or guardian? Maybe you didn’t receive love gestures or adoration that solidified a healthy bond with your parents. Could it be from a programmed belief? You know..your righteousness is of filthy rags due to “mishaps” or “sins” and any good thing that does happen to you is because you have sacrificed so much to prove to a deity that your efforts are worthy of you being loved? Does this not set the tone that although you are “imperfect”, you are still loved..which causes you to have deficient self-love and leads you on a journey searching for external it from a “God” or another human being?

Let’s go a little further….How much do you love yourself? I mean ALL of yourself…no blurred lines…no ifs, ands, or buts. I see people express self-love yet their daily life involves covering up parts of themselves that are unlovable. One example is living a facade lifestyle to hide behind a “covering.” (A.K.A. the unlovable and estranged YOU is now covered up under a religion or organization.) Many are one-sided with self-love…only loving the aspects of you that are socially agreeable.. Only loving the traits that your parents or peers have stamped as approved..I talk about this in more depth on this post.

On this day of LOVE…I offer you a daily self-challenge as well as an outward challenge..

From each day onward, love YOURSELF just like it is Valentine’s Day! The exuberance you feel awakening on this day, strive to feel that same energy every day! Buy yourself flowers. Spend some time alone laughing at your own jokes and adoring your beautiful expression. Dress up and take yourself on a date each month just like it is Valentine’s Day.

To push you even further, if you find it hard to do this.. make a list of your self-decided “flaws” or traits that you are not loving and accepting, and analyze which traits can be altered to serve your highest good. For example, maybe you have a tendency to speak unkind words to others. Can this be changed? If so, set goals to change this about yourself. Do you have an overall negative energy and tend to visualize negative outcomes habitually? Try practicing to see the good in everything regardless of how low you may feel in those moments.

For the areas you cannot change that relate to appearance or other innate characteristics…(such as full lips….a wide nose…stretch marks…kinky textured hair…a weird shaped toe..personal intimate preferences..and other unique traits)..start TODAY loving all over yourself and accepting those things that have not changed and likely will not change. Let’s be honest, we can opt for expensive surgical procedures. But loving yourself wholly is less expensive, first and foremost. And those coins can go towards traveling the world or treating yourself to other memorable experiences. Let go of limiting beliefs about yourself (such as you are unworthy of being loved unless you bend over backwards to prove yourself) and start filling your mind with loving thoughts about yourself. Tell yourself each day that you are worthy of love because you will love yourself FIRST regardless of what others perceive of you. Because self-love is the greatest love. And you will only attract people to you who will love all over you as much as you already love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY!

And when you do attract that beautiful unconditionally loving partner, CELEBRATE!! As I’ve stated before, I enjoy the idea of LOVE day, especially when you can share love with others! But most importantly, I am an advocate for LOVE being shown year-round. And I believe self-love is the beginning of all of these things.

So, Happy LOVE day! And I hope your self-love meter increases tremendously with these few tips. Remember, if you are not practicing self-adoration, self-acceptance, self-love, honesty, and self-worth, then anything and everything external of yourself projecting back to you will only be temporary and unfulfilling.

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  1. Mary Callaway says:

    This blog is so exuberating! Loving yourself is key before you can love someone else. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Thanks Mama!! Im glad you enjoyed it!!

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