What moving abroad taught me

Hello all!!! This won’t be a long post. I just want to briefly discuss what I have learned by moving abroad and I have listed it in bullet format. Hope you enjoy!

  • Moving abroad helped me to RESET….Now I can go back and make smarter choices when purchasing items. Playing the credit game in the United States, this move has allowed me to reset my credit.
  • I have learned how to EXERCISE my gifts in a pure environment so that I can do the same in a chaotic environment. It is ME that controls my reality no matter where I am on the planet. I still have a travel spirit to go wherever my heart and mind leads me. I can still do that from the states but now in a more balanced and planned method.
  • Learned how to GUARD my peace. I’ve learned how to open up to other energies without fear. Before now, I lived a life of avoidance. I have practiced my ability to remain poised around any kind of energy. Notice I said PRACTICED because this is something that I have not yet mastered.
  • Learned how to HEAL using the Earth’s resources. I was able to see and hear my body crying out to be healed of ailments. This has taught me to be appreciative of the body’s intelligent design. Now, instead of pushing toxins inside of my body forcing IT to comply with my desires, I let my body take the lead in my decisions pertaining to what is allowed inside of my vessel. Still yet to be mastered, but definitely getting closer to it each day.
  • I learned how to appreciate STILLNESS because it allowed me to listen to my inner self. I couldn’t just get up and go whenever I wanted to because I PLACED MYSELF in this environment to learn some important lessons. So I could have made the choice to leave prematurely, but I wanted to really take the time to master the art of sitting still and listening to my inner voice. It has taught me to find the beauty in rest and a quiet environment. I allowed it to remind me of the things I needed to heal mentally/psychologically.
  • I learned how to ACCEPT the unknown…During this journey, I knew that I was leaving to face my fears. But I didn’t know that there was a lot of pain and hurt that I hadn’t dealt with head on.
  • I kept having a repetitive dream of my close friend who died in an automobile accident in 2009. I was so distraught by this incident because it caught me by surprise. We were supposed to meet up the weekend after she had passed away. And I always questioned why she was taken away from this realm at such a young age. My dreams gave me insight as to how it may have happened. But I noticed that every time I would dream about her, I would still be crying in my sleep. The life lesson that I finally had to learn from this so that the dreams could dissipate is I had to accept the phenomenon of death. That is something that I am still working on, I can’t say that I have mastered this skill. But being in a calm environment helped me to realize that 9 years had passed and I still was emotionally bothered by losing my beautiful friend. I may not ever completely grasp why we got so close to connecting only for her to be taken before we could see each other one last time. But I have come to a point in my life where I will live everyday like it is my last. I will continue to enjoy life and not bother myself with things that do not contribute to my mental or physical well being. I am learning to accept everything as a lesson while removing the emotional attachment to these events. In this lesson, I also learned how to accept myself.
  • I learned how to walk in FREEness, not being afraid of what others think. The only judge is really myself. I cannot control how others feel or think, but I do control myself. I have found peace with the things that I absolutely cannot change. I have released feelings of disappointment or guilt for being myself. And in this, I have deadened the overwhelming cycle of trying to change things that were meant to be the way they are. The space in my mind that was used to hurt myself emotionally and mentally due to not accepting myself was used to manifest new realities and harmony within myself.
  • I learned how other cultures cooperate together as a community. This taught me how to do the same in my own unique family. I was able to study under the very people who are accredited for being the happiest people on the planet…beautiful Costa Rica! It is truly Pura Vida energy resonating all throughout the land.
  • I was able to study so much more about different cultures and their history….from Colombia to Mexico and others. This helped me to OVERstand my ancestry and position on this planet. It helped me to open up to other realities and not be so quick to dismiss others for their life experience. I have been humbled greatly by this and hope to share my thoughts with those back home who are open to others’ cultures.
  • Taught me how to look internally for happiness versus externally. I can still hone the skill of manipulating resources to create euphoria at certain moments, but also be cognizant that it is more of an internal than external happiness. For example, taking a trip to my dream country, Japan, may be necessary to balance my energy. But I will no longer try to look for a long-term solution for peace because I have found that. The solution is that peace has to resonate internally in order to project outwardly and not the other way around.
  • Overall, this journey has taught me how to truly live simplistically. This journey has taught me how to LIVE FREELY with no expectations….meaning I will continue to go with the flow of the Universe. I will not let anything disturb the peace that I have created. I am finally FREE to be ME…free to LOVE…free to BE….free to EVOLVE.
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