Addressing misconceptions about my life since leaving religion…

Alright sensitive eyes and minds…VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. If you are opposed to any reality other than the doctrines you believe and follow, PLEASE don’t even waste your time reading this one. I just have to put the disclaimer up early. This one might leave a bad taste in your mouth. BUT if you’re a bit curious, by all means, continue reading. I won’t know you’ve read it unless you comment or like. So your secret is safe with me.

If you are new to my blog, click here to read why I left religion AND the United States.

As stated previously, my blog is my space to be open and creative without judgment. This is a platform for free thought.

So I want to talk about what life has been like since leaving religion. Have I been punished? Is my soul in danger of hell fire?

After you’ve read my unadulterated experience, I will allow YOU to be the judge.

I was once told that the reason why I stepped away from religion was because I didn’t have a teacher that broke things down in a way that was fun or that catered to the young people, basically. Annnnnd like all assumptions about my journey (instead of just simply asking me) THAT was a false statement. I actually had a great Pastor in Little Rock, Arkansas as well as Bossier City, Louisiana. I know the doctrine like I know my body, because I’ve dedicated So so much studying to it. And those questions I had led me closer and closer to truth. So there was no need to add a youth/”worldly” swag to it for me to comprehend the material. I wasn’t just a member. I was one of the leaders of the Praise Dance ministry at my church in Little Rock, Arkansas. So in all essence, I had ample opportunities to sprinkle some “fun” on the ministry.

I have no grudgeful feelings towards the Pastors who are genuine in their belief…..who TRULY feel they are doing service to the community. I simply had a problem with Pastors mixing rap artists, like Drake and Future, in their Sunday shows. Or remixing Beyonce’s “Dangerously in Love” on Sundays trying to make it fit with “God”, when we’re taught to be separate from the “world.” The purpose of being a member of the organization is to be set apart, not to be MERGING with outside influences. So I FIRMLY disagree with Pastors who appear to be acting way out of line for their age AND appear to be drawing fame to themselves…creating a brand instead of speaking facts. And I am so very unapologetic about that to this day. I have no interest in Pastors who are following after Creflo Dollar or “Preachers of L.A.”

Now as far as the idea of “God” or a Creator, that is something I feel shouldn’t be debated. Why are we going back and forth arguing over that? Because no one has all of the answers to this life. The book itself that we are told is “divinely inspired by God” even has innumerable errors. Out of roughly 2.4 billion Christians present on this Earth, there should be no poverty, illnesses, or any other issues due to the claims that anything can be healed by speaking a name. But the fact that issues DO EXIST in areas where Christianity is the most popular religion is evident that all of the answers are not present in this belief. We are still here on this planet figuring stuff out together! And I’m just a person that’s honest and realistic about life, DUE TO MY OWN UNIQUE SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES! So the discussion about a Creator or “God”, through my lenses, will always be a discussion. And I’m happy with being able to see those ideas from hundreds of different perspectives. Maybe by putting our minds together, we will be able to resolve most world problems.

And furthermore, my idea of “God” is just that…MY idea. Are we not born with brains that are made to formulate opinions? That’s a complete waste of energy and it’s silly to say “my religion is better!” It creates too much unnecessary division. In my opinion, some of the most beautiful spirited individuals are those who LOVE irregardless of religious affiliation. This type of gang-like mentality of “inclusion” is not present where I currently reside. AND IT’S SUCH A PEACEFUL PURA VIDA FEELING.

#1. One common misconception about my life, mostly from those still practicing religion, is this statement:

“They must be lost and living a confusing/unfulfilled life. Without “God” everything they set their mind to do, it will fail.”

This statement is made with the presumption that anyone who doesn’t acknowledge the Christian God, they’re automatically cursed to having a sh@#ty life. This journey has actually been quite the opposite for me. I still have a pantry full of food…refrigerator full of fruit. I live in a condo that’s fully furnished…hot water for showers…clean water to drink…fresh air. EVERYTHING that I have set my mind and heart to do has been phenomenally successful. I’ve been financially cushioned. For this year alone (2018: February-May), I have generated over $2,000. And not because I paid 10% of my earnings to a church building/false kingdom on Earth. I put all of my currency towards other uses. Because according to the “scripture,” the kingdom is within YOU and will not come with observation (Luke 17:20-21). So I’m not sold on the idea that I’m suppose to pay a 10% tax to help fund a church building. I am putting my earnings towards things that will truly benefit humanity.

If I am lost for simply seeking the answers to my questions, then I guess all children are lost as well. Because they ALWAYS have questions. Shoot my daughter asks at LEAST 30 questions a day, LOL. Asking questions does not make a person LOST or confused, it in fact shows that you are growing in your understanding and are hungry for knowledge. It shows that your mind is actually able to function the way it was created… to explore thoughts without being put on lockdown.

Most healthy humans have a life span of 100 years old. So putting that into perspective, I still have at least 70 more years of questions pertaining to this existence. I know that my soul is not here on this planet to get stuck in one lesson for the rest of my life. After I master one lesson, I’m ready for the next challenge. So I ask questions. And I believe in using ALL of the earth’s resources to learn. By staying true to my inner self, all of the questions that I even think for even a split second, I have been able to explore them without restrictions. And I have learned SO MUCH!

Frederick Douglass — ‘Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.’

#2: Another misconception is this belief that my family is living a life of “sin” because we do not subscribe to the Christian doctrine.

And the only thing I can say is, I don’t know what “sin” is other than this….Sin in the realm that I currently exist means “without” in Español.

But, if you’re talking about the western world’s definition of sin (an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law), then that doesn’t apply to me either. Anyone that I have asked, “What exactly am I doing to be living an immoral life?”, could not give me an answer other than, “You don’t believe in Jesus Christ.” My answer to that is, I have read the words of Yeshua/Jesus in the Bible, and VERY FEW are following the things that he said. He would’ve never bought into this prosperity doctrine of wealth. He denied himself of material things in order to follow his truth. Is that not what my family did? We sold all of our belongings and rid ourselves of materials in order to heal and follow truth. So who’s really following the words of Christ? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Now that doesn’t make me more “righteous” over another person. This was a choice. Again, practicing free will…freedom to create my own reality. But if we’re really taking a magnifying glass and comparing lives to see who’s following the “word” correctly….this is a part of that medicine that I have to give you a spoonful of, if you’re one to judge others for not following your doctrines. Again, what exactly am I doing to live an immoral lifestyle?

Furthermore, who ever said that a person can only exemplify moral characteristics by following the Christian doctrine? Christianity is one of the newest existing religions on the planet. There were many moral individuals present on this Earth before the creation of this religion.

Moral: relating to standards of good behavior, honesty, and fair dealing, or showing high standards of this type – Cambridge Dictionary

If I chose to follow the Buddhist teachings, which predates Christianity, I would still be a moral individual. If I chose to follow Hinduism, or my own inner spirit, I WOULD STILL be a moral individual. Because it’s not rules or laws that shape a person to be moral. It is a fragment of how we were made to inwardly distinguish between benevolent and malevolent acts. That is what I use to direct my path. I ask myself, “Are my actions harming anyone?” If the answer is no, then I proceed with life.

I made a conscious choice not to follow the Christian doctrine because of its many flaws evident in today’s churches…..

IN ADDITION to my own research of the historical illegitimacy of its founding, practices, and teachings.

In the position I choose to be in, I am able to sit in a seat of observation of all world religions. And there hasn’t been one yet that I wish to subscribe to, because for my soul, it would make me feel trapped or bound to a narrow set of ideologies. I would feel as if I’m following another person’s mind and spiritual experiences. I want to use my own creative mind and follow my own spirit….just like the rest of creation is doing. Do animals congregate and read a set of laws? Or are they just existing and using their biology to comprehend moral acts?

#3. Another misconception about my experience……

“Serious question…Are you practicing witchcraft?!!!!”

For those asking me this question, I want you to ask yourself….What exactly is witchcraft?! Do you truly know what it is or are you asking based on the preconceived notion that “witchcraft” is “Satanic”….Have you done your own due diligence studying the origin?

You probably envision me sitting in a dark room in all black calling on “evil” spirits, because I don’t follow the Christian doctrine…I must be doing something TERRIBLE to still be able to attain the things I need in life!

So to answer this question….NO I do not practice any type of sorcery or trickery that involves manipulating others for my benefit. I believe in free will! I cannot FORCE energy to flow in any given direction. I believe in living and letting others live. So there is no seance or invocation that I can utter to cause ‘evil’ upon others. I just flow with the wind and ride the waves with my surfboard…..surfboard….surfboard

This type of “witchcraft” assumption is what people are using to explain away the REALITY that others can experience bliss without their belief system. And if that is what you want to believe in order for you to stay consistent in your walk with your religion, then I don’t control that. But it is definitely a false statement.

Contrary to popular belief, your life can still be “blessed” without a religious affiliation attached to your vessel.

And that leads me to misconception numero cuatro…I saved the best for last!

#4. Our life is now unprotected because we have lost the “covering” of “God” by turning away from the belief.

This is another fear tactic leaders use to keep people in “belief” mode. I’m going to make this short, because I think to the masses, it’s pretty obvious. But following religion, namely Christianity, did not protect those in South Carolina who were praying and worshiping in church. Where was their covering?

charleston shooting

And this isn’t the only case. The record goes on and on with Christianity and ritualistic lynchings done right after Sunday service. African American males had their phalluses cut, and were hung and burned before a crowd of Christians! So this idea that Christianity is supposed to save us from “harm” or keep a covering over us is completely absurd. The belief is ONLY a distorted perception to soothe the ever-present reality of mistreatment and injustices in the states. Because history shows that this statement is NOT based in fact.

The verdict is this……..My life has been fulfilled on a totally different level because I KNOW WHO I AM!!! You guys know the song from Moana “I Am Moana.” She reached a pivotal point in her journey where she realized exactly who she was. She went against her father’s instruction and sailed across that ocean to meet her purpose. And that is exactly how I feel! I know my gifts, I KNOW MY POWER, and I know my purpose. So now I am able to truly practice an artistry that I have always had without the doctrinal restrictions. Things come into my reality so easy now. I have manifested new friendships, monthly income, healthy environment, beautiful travel experiences, peace, healthy mind…and so much more.

Being away from the toxicity, I have learned that life is more than WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW. There is a whole entire Universe out here. BILLIONS of other people occupy the same planet that we live on. We were created to be DIFFERENT/DIVERSE/UNIQUE. How boring would that be if we were all the same? So I have learned to accept others for their various life paths, no matter how different it is from my own. For all I know, the small amount of information I have learned in these 28 years of life could be completely ill-informed. I still have more learning to do! So instead of thinking I’m Sway and have all the answers, I can actually sit back and be a student sometimes and learn something new…….by allowing myself to be open to another person’s journey.

So guys, I won’t keep your attention for too much longer. I just wanted to address some misconceptions. Because people easily speak things about my experience that are pure assumptions, and I have to be a voice for those of us who have left religion. This has been my life after leaving religion.

Do I regret my decision to leave religion?!!!!

I can say with 1000% surety that I DO NOT regret my decision. I have gotten the best sleep in my life since letting it go. My mental health has improved tremendously. I no longer live a life of paranoia thinking the world is about to end after every incident that seems like “prophecy.”

Only I know the lengths that I have gone to try to continue with the religion. Anyone who’s close to me knows that it takes a lot for me to walk away from something I’m dedicated to. So when I finally walked away, I had ZERO doubt in my mind that it was time.

Is my soul in danger of hell fire?!! Again, I’ll let you decide that using what you have just read. But for me, that fear tactic doesn’t work. Just like it didn’t work for my ancestors…we still practiced our indigenous spiritual systems behind the disguise of “submitting” to the colonizer’s religious systems.

Sometimes we outgrow things, and it’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just like growing up believing that an old man with a beard was bringing presents to our home for Christmas. After getting older and asking questions about it, I found out it was just a story! It was fun while it lasted! But the way I’m made, I can’t live in Never-Never land where nobody wants to grow old. I’m okay with altering my reality based on truth and not fairy tales.

I do OVERstand other parts of the religious lifestyle as well. Aside from the self-righteous attitudes and Ego, I realize that some see it as a part of their culture. So they exemplify pride for the type of religious practice they have chosen. I have a family that has military backgrounds from all branches. So whenever we get together, we like to talk trash about which branch is the greatest. And I still stand on the FACT that the Air Force is the best!! (Let’s argue)…… 😂😂😂😂

I’m only kidding. The point I’m making is all of these religions are just a branch off of one tree with the same roots. We as humans are simply expressing ourselves in various creative ways to understand spiritual experiences. But life doesn’t hand you luck or misfortune based on what diction you use to describe your spiritual experience. If you use God, Universe, He, She, It, They….. it will make no difference. Because it is still just YOU the whole time utilizing the gifts that you were created with to manifest your reality.

I refuse to waste my youth going around in circles doing rituals and regurgitating repetitive phrases to make myself believe that I am “worthy”, “holy”, or “perfect” in the eyes of humans or deities. I was created to be just the way I am. Any changes that I make will be a part of my own evolution (free will) and not because I am scared of a future punishment. That is fear-based control and not self-control.

If you’re like me, and are living a life free from religion, I’d love to hear what your experience has been like. So please comment below! Or send me a message.

If you are a person who shares the same sentiments but you are AFRAID to leave religion…..out of fear of judgment or other underlying factors, I would love to hear from you as well. Shoot me an email… Send a message to my Author Facebook page Or comment below!

And remember…life is as simple as you want it to be or as complicated as you want it to be. Just be FREE! The only punishment attached to that is the regret you will have for not freeing yourself sooner.


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  1. themysticandthecowboy says:

    This is brilliant ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you @themysticandthecowboy! I’m happy that you resonated with my thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ShiraDest says:

    Thank you, kiddo! You’ve just verbalized what I spend 30 years trying to explain to my family, and still work not to feel guilty over, despite having lived in several different countries (how did you manage to get citizenship elsewhere, if I might ask?). Thank you again! (At 50 years old, can only wish that I’d made your decisions at your age rather than only more recently…)
    Take good care,
    s. Dest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so appreciative of your kind words! This really touched me deeply. I’ll be 30 this year. Most of what I have realized during this time came from me not fighting my inner spirit. Sometimes we fear our own thoughts because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and we don’t want to lose connections with people. But staying true to myself has been the peace that I was looking for. I believe it is never too late! At least you recognized it in your lifetime as many go to their graves living unfulfilled lives. I am happy you resonated with my writing and I’m excited about the next stage in your journey! 💙💙💚💚💜💜❤❤

      I have returned back to the states since making this post. When we lived outside of the country we were on tourist visas. We just renewed them every 90 days. We were leaning towards getting permanent residency in Colombia, but the tax laws for worldwide income was kind of not worth it for us. And Costa Rica residency is expensive but would have been worth it in the long run.

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      1. ShiraDest says:

        Hey, thank you for your words and thoughts. Yup, working in Turkey, despite the promised work visas, several companies just make teachers cross for a day into Greece and come back, every 3 months. I did get a work visa later but it ran out when I left the job, and getting citizenship was not easy even with a work visa (which I’m now glad I didn’t get, given the once and future Prime Minister…). Between tax laws, property laws, and threats of losing social security income, I decided that it was safest to stay in the US rather than risk deportation. 😦 Still looking at ways to live elsewhere, but I figure that at least California is the state that seems to be most progressive in terms of trying to oppose the insanity and take some care of people, although no place is perfect by any means. I just hope we can get Universal health care and rent control passed some time soon, so we can work on housing for everyone. Take care, S.

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      2. YES that’s exactly why we decided to come back to the states. There’s going to be regulations every place you turn. I’m still working on finding the loopholes to living here on North American soil. Some days I want to pack up again and leave to live in another country! When we were in Colombia we were approached with the idea of just hiding our income, but I thought about my children and not wanting to risk deportation as well. I hope one day the political agendas diminish so we can all cross boundaries and live whereever we desire. I will be following your blog as well to learn more about your journey! Thank you for connecting and sharing your story!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. ShiraDest says:

        Hey, thank you! I’m writing up a chapter list and book proposal based on my Four Freedoms Movement idea that will eventually include and lead to Open Borders, if you want to be in on the ciritiques?

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      4. Absolutely! I would love to. My email address is

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      5. ShiraDest says:

        Hey, thank you! I’ll send it to you once it is done! 🙂

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