L.O.V.E never felt so good!! Life updates!!

Soooo I have been M.I.A for a while!! Okay, I’m probably exaggerating. It’s been a little over a month. BUT, it has been for good reason. No, I am not experiencing a mid-life crisis. Todo es bien en mi vida! So good, I have had to stop and sit in stillness to absorb it all.

Sometimes social media can be so overwhelming. With my hobby of offering freelancing services, I do occasionally come in contact with issues that are transpiring in the United States. But, that is something that I am okay with since I am getting compensated for it! LOL. I am a natural empath, so sometimes just by viewing another person’s picture on social media, I can see that person’s life play out in front of my eyes. And THAT gets to be too much sometimes. Most of the times, I don’t really want to know what’s going on behind those smiles. LOL. But I do have to tap back in at moments to stir up my creative energy….make a post or write a blog. I do that out of my desire to inspire. But this is something that I can turn on or off anytime I like.

Moving from the states in 2016 to pursue my inner happiness is a decision that I STILL do not regret almost two years later.

You guys, I have been in such a place of serenity it is becoming a natural habit to want to enjoy this new peace and keep it alllllll to myself!! But I can’t forget about the handful of individuals whom I may be inspiring behind the scenes.

This new L.O.V.E (Loads Of high Vibrational Energy) that is wrapped all around me didn’t come from anyone else other than myself. If you’re curious as to why I use this acronym instead of the word “love”, I described my sentiments about this word in my post “What’s LOVE got to do with it”.

For so long, I bought into the idea of having the perfect car, house, marriage, etc. to make me happy. But after having all of those things, I was still left unfulfilled. Why? Because no person outside of yourself can truly make you happy. Everything else outside of self is just an additional accessory. You know what I mean? It should be complementary and not supplementary.

For me, I wanted to live in a non-toxic environment so desperately that I gave it all away to be able to see L.O.V.E projected outwardly in my new reality. The states could not accurately project this for me. I tried it, didn’t work. This environment is perfect. It ADDS to the happiness that I already feel within. The beautiful sun welcoming my face in the morning….the tropical birds singing to me each rising….the clear fresh air entering into my vessel shows me that IT cares for me in return. This has truly been a gift that I unwrap cada dia that I awaken.

There has been so much that I have learned and it is constantly blossoming me into the beautiful flower I have always been. I have done some new things to my hair that I have always wanted to do!! *maybe pics soon, I don’t know* I have been able to create a healthy eating routine for myself and my family, and I am seeing the health benefits; mind, body, and soul. This environment has definitely pushed me PAST my comfort zone. I’m appreciative of the challenges because it is showing me how powerful I am!

Another reason I’ve been M.I.A. is because I have been doing more inner work dealing with MYSELF y’all!! Like, truly dealing with myself. The United States is an environment that keeps you so busy that you almost never have time to heal. You never have the time to just sit in silence and get to know yourself. This pura vida energy is one in which is slow paced and muy tranquila. So whatever issues you have suppressed, it will no longer play hide and seek with you. It will be more like PEEK-A-BOO! Here I am! And it will be in a way that you will be pressed to deal with YOURSELF. And that is something that I enjoy. I can hear my inner self better than before. This has helped me to embrace ME for who I truly am. I am able to embrace all of my uniqueness-es. I’ve welcomed it ALL because I know things that are “ugly” or “embarrassing” are only based in perspective. These “ugly” things are what my soul was placed here to master.

I’ve also been afforded the space to figure out what works for me. I now have the confidence in knowing FOR SURE that I CONTROL MY OWN DESTINY. As I examine my life, I realize that I have always been the type of person to go after what I want. But this lifestyle is on a whole notha’ level of pursuing the life you want. And now that I know I have the power to change my reality, every time I have to face the idea of going back to the states for family events or other things, I get extremely anxious. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely enjoy laughing and spending time with my family. But for my personal evolution, I always felt the sense of urgency to EXIT, or “GET OUT” (like the popular movie depicts) of the states!! I get anxious because I know that I have graduated from my old surroundings. Those layers have been shed, so now all I have the desire to do is press forward and master new skills. So for that reason, my aura is no longer in sync with the vibes of the United States at THIS point in my life.

Now that’s not to say that if you are comfortable with the United States then something must be wrong with you. Humans have become accustomed to graduating from schools and universities to enhance their life experience, yet some are close minded to the idea of graduating from an environment or landmass. I feel that we all have a starting platform in this life. But it is ultimately our own life decisions that either push us to new ideas and evolve us into our higher selves OR keep us in a stagnant position where we are scared to be tested. Neither of the two are good or bad. That’s the beautiful thing about free will. Nothing is forced upon us. This life is a big game of choice.

This is another reason why my posts have decreased, because I have to balance my thoughts so that I don’t come across as a person persuading any of my readers to GO THIS WAY OR ELSE. I know that I will only attract those who have the same inner desire as me, because that’s how life works! And through these posts I hope to encourage free thinking while also learning a few things myself.

So just a few updates….what has life been like since I embarked on this journey of self discovery and internal freedom?!!!!

Short cliche answer…..It has been nothing short of amazing. I will address a few questions or comments that I often get and attempt to dispel any myths or assumptions about this experience.

#1. The United States is the best place on the planet to live! Everywhere else is “3rd world”, why would anyone want to leave?

Third world?! If you ask me, if this is the 3rd world then this must be the 3rd level next to heaven LOL! So I’m okay with living in the 3rd world more than the 1st world.

There were a few who said “what’s happening in the states is happening EVERYWHERE.” And I have to say from my unbiased judgments of traveling worldwide, that is a bold faced LIE. Places outside of the states are beautiful, including the people. Sometimes I forget that I am actually LIVING if that makes sense. I enjoy seeing people live in harmony WITH nature versus against it. Chaos is almost non-present. I get to experience a true appreciation for creation and the planet we live on.

But on the contrary, this perspective largely depends on what a person desires in their lifetime. For me, I live with the idea of “less is more.” So more possessions can keep me tied down to a place or situation where I am unable to flow with the wind as the free spirit that I am!!! I love the freedom of minimalism. However, places that are equivalent to paradise (for me) could be unpleasant/dull to others.

The more that I see, the more that I know
I don’t know anything, at all
And the more that I breath, and start to go slow
Oh, one of many things, I can only recall

-Jhene Aiko

So I’m going to exit on that note. I will try not to stay M.I.A. for a long period of time, but I cannot make any promises. This new life is meant for me to cater to my own individual needs and focus on self-healing. Sometimes just glancing on social media disrupts this peace that I have created for myself, because I’m reminded of all of the chaos and toxicity largely coming from the U.S.

Living in another realm is not about escaping anything. Because I have dealt with just about every issue in my life from childhood up until now. Living in another realm is about becoming your own SAVE-YOUR and FREEING YOURSELF of the nightmare in order to live your dreams. You know how you have the ability to wake yourself out of REM sleep when you’re experiencing a bad dream? Guess what!! You can do the same thing in your waking reality.

L.O.V.E is truly the healer of all things (along with some good soul music). I was taught from a young age to “love” myself FIRST before I can “love” someone else. So this life is me practicing just that instead of talking about it. In doing this, I can be the best hue-woman for my family and be able to reciprocate genuine L.O.V.E to others.

Free spirits…This is for you…

I’m speaking to that timid soul in you that’s eager to break free.

The small voice in your mind that’s telling you to LEAVE an abusive environment (or relationship for that matter) is that voice of L.O.V.E that’s reminding you of who you truly are…

It’s whispering to you that you deserve a better life….

You deserve the best quality air for your lungs…..

You deserve the best fruit for your avatar.

All of these things are a vital part of becoming WHOLE-listic. What are you afraid of? Change may not be comfortable, but it’s a necessary part of our evolution.

Remember, the only person that controls your destiny is YOU. Every thing that you have ever desired for yourself is within your grasp.


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