Where does my writing come from?

How does a 28 year old have so much to say?!

What could you possibly talk about?

You’re still practically a baby yourself!!

10-15 years from now, I will probably ask myself this same question. What did I have to talk about and WHY did I feel the need to publish my thoughts to the world.

Many don’t know this about me, but I actually began song writing at an early age. I and two of my other siblings created a group called (this is embarrassing but…) “Ghetto Peeps”. LMAO. I was the writer, composer, rapper and director of the group. My little brother was the hype-man and my sister who is a year older than me was the singer.

We had some pretty decent songs! I look back on most of the lyrical content and I’m almost sure that if it had been published, we would have been a good local act.

So it’s not surprising to me that I have a passion for writing.

I remember a time in my life when I would awaken almost every morning with a song in my head. But the strange part about it is, they were songs that I had never heard in my waking reality. They were songs that I created in my mind. I had an album of songs in my brain I would listen to as I slept, but I couldn’t remember the lyrics or the melody after awakening.

Everyday, I walk around mi casa with so many crazy thoughts in my head. As I am cooking or cleaning, a thought or question will pop up in my mind. Instead of talking my best friend’s ear off (because I am a TALKER), I’ll grab my handy dandy phone-book….and I type my imagination into words.

I really don’t think you guys understand how much I can talk.

I have never met my Dad a day in my life, but he is a TALKER! And that’s where I get it from LOL. I remember chatting on the phone with him. It was like a battle trying to figure out who’s turn it would be to talk next!! It was almost like listening to myself speak from another human’s mouth.

I hate to use the popular cliche, but it’s true..”Age ain’t nothing but a number”…
Hold up….not in the sick twisted perverted way that pedophiles have tried to use to justify their acts….

I’m referring to age in terms of wisdom. A number can’t be placed on wisdom. A child can be fifteen and wiser than a person forty years of age. Sometimes it is our children who teach us as adults! I can attest to this.

Wisdom, knowledge, are all dependent on an individual’s rate of comprehension and their ability to learn and develop.

I’m sure my Mom was puzzled with her eight year old daughter cooking full meals..puzzled with a twelve year old wanting a full time job and a vehicle on the side…

Regardless of the poisons that have been injected through my veins and the indoctrination of U.S lies, my brain still works…

I think on my own. I ask questions..
Our learning stops when we feel we know it ALL…we become unteachable..unreachable…

That’s the beauty of this life. Every encounter is a lesson that we can either grow from or allow it to stunt our growth.

There’s a wise saying…….

Only a fool knows everything.  A wise man knows how little he knows.

Every argument and every debate wouldn’t have to occur if we accepted that each person has their own level of wisdom. It may not be CORRECT but it is still wisdom that we can take lessons from.

My writing comes from me humbling myself down and realizing that although I am grown and out of my Mom’s house, I still have room to be taught.

Sometimes my learning comes from within and sometimes it comes from encounters with other beings (earthly and unfamiliar/spiritual).

My writings come from closing my mouth and opening my mind…I am able to HEAR BETTER when I’m not always talking.. 😂😂

My writings are my songs of wisdom.

And you know what, Wisdom doesn’t come with age, it comes with our willingness to be taught by life and by others who are here having a human experience.

Close your eyes from teLIEvision…
Close your ears from society, dogmas, doctrines, stereotypes.
Close your mouth and allow your mind to run free….

Then you will be able to use your senses properly to awaken yourself from delusions…

And you as well may be able to write a story of your own.



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