GOD is in control of it all ūüĎź

God is in control of it all.

The melody of these word vibrations sounds so¬†consolatory to the mind and auditory doesn’t it?

Why should I worry? Why should I fret? We don’t have to cerebrate¬†on things of this world because it’s not meant for us to¬†contest what occurs on this earth.¬†We just need to know our role and shut our mouths like “The Rock” once said in his WWE days.

If you clicked this post to get reassurance of this thought that God is the author and finisher of our FAIT(h)…I kind of apologize……but not completely.

I have to be unapologetic for a moment.

The fact that many people believe that EVERYTHING is being controlled by an invisible being in the sky is a saddening delusion.

I’m not¬†pronouncing this to smash anyone’s belief or reality…

I’m saying this out of concern for our mental processes and progression as a society.

The same way you have control over the situations YOU place yourself in, YOU have control over all other circumstances in your life.

If you think otherwise after completing this post, that is your choice. And I respect that.

But how does this sound?

“I know my job is making me miserable. I¬†detest going to employment where I am being belittled on a daily. But you know what…..God is in control..”

“I¬†hate the environment that¬†I live in. I wish I could live in peace amongst those who spread love rather than violence. But¬†I’m not going to worry about that because¬†God is in control.”

“My husband is acting violently towards me, but I’m not going to leave him (even if it saves my life) because God is in control of it all. He has a plan for me being in his life.”

I’m going to keep it all the way 100 with you. Listening to these type of remarks¬†makes me feel like these are all¬†more like cop-outs to keep a person from being an adult and taking action.

What people are basically¬†affirming is that “God” wrote a script to a movie and we (as creation) are JUST actors playing a role. At no time can we revise the storyline because what transpires¬†in our lives is already “predestined”.

This basically means that common sense and natural instinct can’t be used until a person gets permission from a deity up above.

Some will even blame “Satan” for all of the bad things that happen…but guess what.. even if Satan does exist in your mind…He/She/IT had to be created by the Creator.¬†Furthermore, it’s an admission that GOD is allowing SATAN to do all of these terrible things. Your job is just to sit back and let Satan do what “he” was created to do.

So if someone comes to your house with a¬†weapon ready to rob/murder you and your entire family, don’t rebel against them because this was God’s plan….

If you’re in a setting where you are being held hostage, don’t question it. Don’t try to save your life because this was God’s plan for you to be held captive and possibly die for no reason at all.

If you get sick..don’t¬†ingest any natural herbs¬†to heal yourself¬†because GOD is in control. You were chosen to be ill.¬†It wasn’t your terrible dietary habits. It wasn’t for any purpose other than GOD wanting you to have this disease. Don’t seek advice from a medical professional. Don’t even worry about trying to eat healthy to maintain the integrity of your wellness! What are you doing that for?! GOD is in control of the timing for your death! Don’t interfere with GOD’S PLAN!

Accept your fate in all of these scenes.

These analogies sound so much better coming from our mouths. However, when read it sounds ridiculous.

I’m starting to think that all of these ideologies were simply¬†created by our curiosity and our eagerness to understand the things that transpire around us.

I personally believe this is the case.

Sometimes out of desperation…..Because we often find ourselves in unfortunate circumstances….we say “God is in control of it all” in order to ease the pain.

Once again, I DO NOT have all of the answers to this life. However, I don’t believe in this theory of a deity up above controlling our lives against our own will.

Many faith believers always regurgitate this statement without even fully INNER/OVERstanding what they are repeating from their lips.

“…not my will but your WILL be done in my life, Lord.”

So the Lord (which means Master) that you acknowledge didn’t give you¬†discernment to be able to make judgements for yourself? You have zero say in the life you want for yourself?

This would mean all of our actions are being controlled by some force that is greater than us and there is NOTHING we can do about it, because this Master’s plan is BETTER than our own plan.

Think on that for a minute…

#1. WHERE is the draft written of your life plan? Is it readily accessible for you to view? If not, then where is it? Does it reside in your head only accessible by you?

#2. How do you inquire about this plan? When you receive an “answer” from your request, how do you know it’s “God”? Could it just be yourself confirming or denying information in your head?

If you can’t give a legit sensible answer for any of the above questions, then there’s a possibility that this life plan you speak of could be completely authored by yourself. And in your effort to understand this plan, you involve the Creator that you believe designed this prototype¬†for you.¬†MAYBE just MAYBE, YOU have been given the power to create your own blueprint.

I can only speak from my own persepective.

Most occurrences in my life as a person of consentable age (uninfluenced or controlled by my parents) were authored by MYSELF and my own decision making.

I have been able to¬†alter the circumstances in my own life. I made choices which ultimately led to every single situation that I was faced with. Even the unforeseen events came from a previous decision that I’d made.

I got into an automobile accident. But I made the initial decision to purchase and operate a vehicle. I made a bad judgement while driving. I turned across an intersection prematurely and I was hit by a truck.

I graduated high school because of my willingness to participate in the education programs….because of my desire to make proficient grades.

I enrolled in college and accumulated education debt because that is what I wanted at the time…to earn a¬†BS degree (LOL no pun intended).

I joined the military to create a more financially stable career for myself. I signed the documents with my OWN hand. I swore an oath without any mysterious force controlling the placement of my hand.

I got married on my own volition. I drove to the court house to obtain the legal documents. I became pregnant twice because of my preference to participate in sexual activity with a male.

Everything that happened to ME was motivated by ME.

At any point, I could have made a different judgement on my life.

Each time I make adjudications, more hypothetical outcomes will encircle around my life..

It’s equivalent to the probability formula learned in Pre-Algebra….calculating the number of probable outcomes.

Probability Formula

probability formula

As confusing as this mathematical equation was to me in school, I can now see the beautiful lesson from it.

I remember asking myself as a teenager, “Why does this matter? What the hell does this have to do with anything? When will I ever use this in life?” LOL

Now it is clear that it¬†is up to ME to continue to make choices that will inspire the next outcome of my life….cause and effect…reactions and conSEQUENCES….

The same way we are taught the tongue is powerful enough to speak things into existence..the mind is also powerful. What you believe will become your reality. If you are always fearful of things and it’s on your thoughts daily..one of those things you fear may eventually become your reality.¬†If you believe¬†in your subconscious¬†that you have zero authorship of your life, then your reality will be a life that seems to be spiraling in a direction that you have no control over. Eventually you will get to a point where you will feel helpless.

We have got to start placing the control back into our own hands.

We use our minds and tongues everyday, sometimes without even realizing it, to stir up the energy of the Universe to design our own reality.

For me, it’s okay to be inspired by the thought of a Creator more advanced than myself. I awaken everyday with a conscious thought that something created the very material called air for me to breathe in daily. Something created the earth for me to place my feet on. But at no point do I subtract myself from the equation of this creation.

I am apart of the Creator just like ALL of creation. And I feel we all have the power to be subcreators in this life.

Is God really in control of everything?

I can’t answer this question for everyone because we all have a right to use our imagination the way we desire. So I can’t even say with a surety, but I can share my thoughts.

As I observe nature..I can¬†conclude that everything has an objective. The Sun…moon…stars have its purpose to give light to the world. The trees…the ocean…the plants….the bugs that we despise..all have a part.

The seasons change. Climates change….sometimes in an order that is unfamiliar. Energies can be felt within our bodies as a response to the change. The birds gather in formation whenever a storm is coming.

This very phenomenon could be inspired by the Creator that we eagerly seek after.


To believe that a deity in the sky is looking down watching everything play out would be admitting that “God” alone is responsible for all of the¬†abhorrent¬†acts that have happened on this earth.

It would be insinuating that God has waited for thousands of years for the perfect moment in “his” movie to interfere and say “Enough is enough.”

God is sitting back allowing all of this injustice to spread rampant over the earth because it was in “his” WILL for some of us to suffer so that we could die and be happy in the afterlife.

To me that is nonsense. Because somewhere on this earth humans are living in peace. I want for my life and my offspring to experience that same peace and live a healthy stress-free reality RIGHT NOW…and not a second later.

I feel that God is in you..so then God IS in control…but YOU are the person you are waiting on.

It is YOUR responsibility to do your role on this earth like the rest of creation is doing….whatever that role may be for you.

When we as humans don’t do our part other¬†aspects of creation suffer behind it. Sitting back waiting on something or someone to interfere and correct things will most likely not happen. And if it does I can almost guarantee that it won’t happen in a fairy-tale magical way like some of us believe. It will only happen in our dreams.

The Creator created us ALL for a purpose. Whether the Creator is a deity to you or a natural product of evolution. This outcome (life) that we experience has a purpose.

We ARE creators because we were given the organs to create more human life. WE have the power to do that. So stop minimizing your role in this creation.

This might sound harsh but I have to say it so that the Warrior in you can awaken.

Get up off of your ass and go make magic happen with your words, your mind, and the actions that stem from that.

The Creator is in YOU…GOD is in YOU…

Now go CONTROL your life and quit making excuses. ūüĖí


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