Starting to see the true colors of some people who pretend to be all-inclusive in the public eye, yet amongst their own are exclusive only to their kind…

It’s not surprising. If anything it is growing me in new ways. Sometimes I can have this attitude to unite with ALL hue-men…

But up until recently I realize that this will never be possible. Not to throw salt on any attempts to do so…but it is a TRUE reality that as long as we stay one-sided on issues, unity will never take place.

One-sided because the only way some will even listen to your truth is if it soothes their ears…if you’re saying something to pacify versus expressing how you feel…

Perfect example is the incident of a disabled European male being brutalized for supposedly supporting Trump as President-Elect.

When I brought attention to another incident with hue reversal…


it was ignored…it was brushed over. INSTEAD,(as a soft response) a video was posted showing an African-American male speaking down on other African-Americans for not being advocates against the attack….

Listen..my stance on this incident is this…It was an act of violence that was wrong ESPECIALLY because it was done on Facebook live for others to see and mock.

HOWEVER..and I do place a large emphasis on HOWEVER…

I am against ALL violence done to any hue of people! I am against the hangings and burnings of “Negro” people in America. I am against the violence that has been done to the indigenous Americans since day one of foreign conquest/invasion. I am against the violence in Wars…people over in Iraq being murdered for inhumane reasons. I am against it ALL.

Yeah it is disgusting. It’s disgusting to see anyone being beat, hung, burned because of the color of their skin or because of what they support. Brown people have been treated poorly in America for hundreds of years now. Native Americans (including the indigenous dark skinned ones) have been treated poorly. Did you see what happened to the people for trying to stop the Dakota pipeline?

Let’s look at it as a whole and be honest with ourselves for a moment…

The US and what it represents is disgusting!

The U.S of America and what it represents is causing people to turn on one another. Everything that is being pushed across social media helps the division.

The fact that the message was spread saying Trump wanted to send all “Mexicans” back across the border and build a wall, can’t be ignored.

People hating the fact that he is President-elect is not because of his skin color, but what he promoted during his campaign. It does not excuse the violence that is happening because of it. People are acting out of fear because they don’t know how to express the anger they feel towards the government, the country, and what is being ALLOWED.

Violence ANYWHERE is disgusting. Discrimination ANYWHERE is DISGUSTING.

Look at how they have us fearing Muslims because of so-called 9-11 and ISIS (which is a Kemetic deity). They are playing us! Meanwhile, these innocent people have nothing to do with what’s going on in America. And they’re being killed on their own land daily because of the foolishness.

THIS is the hypocrisy of the U.S. that I despise.

But that’s okay with me…because I realize the true nature of polarity. Where good exists, evil will exist. Where positive exists, negative will exist.

And what can we do about it? We don’t control the minds of others. No matter how many times I try to have a humble conversation with someone of the opposite hue, if they only see through their narrow lense, it will fall on deaf ears.

What I am doing is living in peace…creating the reality I want for myself…and my partner and I are creating the reality we want for our family. I don’t want to sound unbothered by the issues in the U.S., because I do care about my family and friends who have to fight on a daily-basis just to keep their heads above water.

But to a certain extent, I have to be unbothered with it. I will only make myself sick physically and mentally trying to strategize ways to help us come together…

My mindset right now is, if it happens it happens. If it doesn’t, I still have to live my life. I’m content with being separate from those who have an immature mindset and only want to unite if it means subjecting myself to THEIR ideologies while neglecting my own feelings.

I’m okay with steering clear of dialogues that are not fruitful or yielding edification.

I’m okay with being permanently away from the U.S. and uniting with others outside of that box because this earth is plentiful. I’m not delegated to one space for my whole entire life. I can CHOOSE my environment just like our ancestors did in the past…picking up and moving whenever they were exhausted with unfair treatment..

EVERYONE has the right to do that.

I’m 27 years old…still an unripened fruit! I have so much more to look forward to in this life. Many don’t reach this point until they are nearing retirement and by that time suffering from ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

I won’t do this to myself.

Native Americans shared an idea that WE belong to the land and not the other way around. Our role here on this earth body is to take care of nature so that it could take care of us.

All of these wars and arguments over territory..it’s pointless.

All of this pointing fingers blaming other people for the downfall of the U.S…it’s pointless..because the U.S will never stand since it was built upon bloodshed. There will always be division and MORE bloodshed…

AND THE U.S. WILL RECEIVE IT’S DESTINED KARMA IN DUE TIME! Check the history of other great nations. It WILL one day come to an end….

I’m petitioning for a swift return of justice for ALL the blood that has been shed for no reason at all.

So what will I choose to do?
I will continue to create my own reality..I will take full advantage of being allowed to make my own choices…

I will continue to travel and seek peace and longevity…where ever I find it, that is where I will dwell…I will be as a pilgrim upon this earth…taking no “ownership” of material things, only looking forward to the next peaceful day that I will enjoy with my family..

I will continue to instill LOVE into my offspring…I will continue to encourage them to follow their DREAMS..not the superficial ones…but the internal dreams that will lead them to their true inner-self…

I will continue to encourage them to THINK..and to never seek after materials that will some day be left here on this earth for others to fight over…

This is how I will continue to live my life until I take my last breath in this body…and then afterwards I will CONTINUE to live since energy never dies….

I encourage you ALL to start creating your own life…You want PEACE?! Go get it..go find it…it’s out there! I’m living it!
Tired of seeing bloodshed and race rioting?! Go find your inner PEACE! You are your only enslaver..

Remember this…no one can disturb the life YOU created unless YOU allow it..

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