So as we’re saying goodbye to one family we’ve met on this freedom journey, we’ve met an additional family and a PHENOMENAL soul in Colombia.

All are self sufficient entrepreneurs who decided to change an ordinary régime to a more spontaneous one.

Pictured are the Ross Family, Haynie family, Ms. Lacey “Phenomenal Everywhere” Clark and a few members of the Mann’s family.

I’m sure we will meet more beautiful spirits along the way. This is just a reflection that I feel would be an injustice if I didn’t share with the world a group of people I will never forget. And I believe in giving others flowers while they can still smell them!

The Mann’s family…where do I begin. I can’t even explain how this family has stolen our hearts, it’s really touching to have to part ways from them.

Even with our military experience, meeting new people and creating memories, only to depart shortly after has NEVER been easy. Will it ever get easy?! I’m not sure. But I know these are all necessary life skills that I will learn to appreciate later in life.

From the first day we met, the genuineness and pure spirits felt like we were all family. The LOVE overflowing from their hearts was a warming reminder that we may be far from our birthplace, but we will never be alone.

From the surprise selfies found in my phone….

To the SURPRISE house visits while I was halfway in dreamland and half-awake LOL…or the visits just stopping by to catch a quick haircut.

I enjoyed it all.

Dr. Marcus Manns is Founder & CEO of The Chiropractic & Wellness Centres, located in Accra, Ghana. He is also a Life Coach! He is swift to remind you that he is Retired, but with his larger than life personality, every encounter is sure to be a coaching session in life skills and personal development.

Marcus and Mavis Manns have been a couple for over 15 years and have five smart and healthy children together. They decided to travel abroad to give their children an up close and personal…more authentic homeschooling experience.


Mavis has been a teacher and homemaker for more than 8 years. Their travel approach is to simply show up in a new country and see what there is to offer! Talk about living a life free from restrictions and going with the flow!

My husband and I have used this time to soak up every bit of knowledge we could from this couple. I appreciate their generous teaching lessons (even when they didn’t recognize we were students)..helping us realize that personal relationships are far more RICH and valuable than business relationships. This is when you create FAMILIA no matter where you are on the earth.

Before now, we barely had time to sit and enjoy our OWN family due to our busy Active Duty schedules. Here we are able to do that and more while being in the presence of other families. This moment I will always cherish.

I’m now realizing more and more each day WHY the voice in my dream said to LEAVE the United States….

It was so that I could LIVE and UNLEARN to RE-learn and be nurtured in ways that are vital to our stability in this newfound life. The Mann’s family has become our mentors.

To be honest, I have learned more in these 3 months than I have, I feel like, in a full year. These spirits that I am connecting with is a necessary part of my growth. The small time that we spend together connects us even more, because although we are different in appearance, we all in some way have a similar story which led us to meet in a foreign place without knowledge of each other beforehand.

These are the benefits we are reaping from our decision to sell everything and start LIVING.

So enough of the mushy stuff before I start to cry!!

If you want to know more about the Mann’s family and their adventure around the world, visit…


You may also reach out to Mavis Manns on her personal blog to gain insight on how she is able to homeschool her children while traveling abroad. She also offers budgeting tips, travel advice, and personal consultations.


If you ever get a chance to meet these inspiring individuals, you will too call them FAMILIA!



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  1. So much gratitude and love while reading this blog. We miss your family too. Where are you all now?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Mavis! We are in Costa Rica!


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