“Black pride” is acceptable, so what’s the issue with “White Pride”?! 

“So if I say I’m proud to be white, is that considered racist or is it only ok for others to be proud of their color?”

This post appeared on my newsfeed from a close comrade. From the Facebook user, I knew that it was a thought provoking question and probably not one of hatred or self-seeking glory.
I love seeing topics like this because it addresses the elephant in the room…

It’s a question that deserves some recognition.

Many of us are reluctant to talk openly about deep issues we have as a society…afraid to say something that may not soothe the ears of listeners…walking on eggshells to keep from being offensive.

But we have to begin healing somewhere. I’m aware that my answer may not be the same for others, and I don’t expect it to be. We have different perspectives based on our own life challenges..based on what we have personally went through in this realm. But let’s talk about it!

As I’ve stated in a previous post, I personally try to refrain from using the term “white” because it, to me, is equally offensive as saying someone is “black.” Let’s be honest..you are more likely to see a person of Indian descent who is closer to the color black than a so-called African American anyway. We’re really copper-colored/brown…but that’s a topic of discussion for another blog!! I’d be here all day breaking down the illegitimacy of our nationality.

So I digress! Just saying..these colors we have tagged humans with are misnomers. I’ll only use it here to address the question that was posed and also to relate more to social identifications.

We have seen many proud Afro-centric beings yelling “BLACK POWER”…with their fists in the air.

This black pride slogan was birthed from a period of injustice..lynchings…inequalities in America during the 60s…A time when the only esteem we could muster up for our race was “Black Power” for survival.

Imagine every part of your existence being a torment…the color of your skin being a mockery…a “dreaded” sight for some to see.

To counteract this, “Black Pride” was imperative for mental perseverance, and guardianship of our heritage..
THIS is the pride our ancestors instilled in us…to be happy with who we are..our kinky hair, our big lips, our wide noses, and other distinct characteristics that have been widely pushed across mainstream to be unattractive.

Aside from this, black pride was a strategical shift for those fighting for equality in the U.S. Instead of marching in sadness with their heads held low, BLACK POWER gave them the confidence to not only be heard, but to be SEEN! Because after enduring extreme brutality, the enemy’s claim to victory would be to see “African-Americans” break…but our ancestors had a better plan. BLACK POWER symbolized STRENGTH. This BLACK POWER theme was synonymous with a lion coming out of a fire…10 times tougher and wiser. This alone was enough to move politicians to take action against the violence towards blacks.

Stokely Carmichael wrote in a SNCC statement published in the New York Review of Books:

For too many years, Black Americans marched and had their heads broken and got shot…After years of this, we are at almost the same point–because we demonstrated from a position of weakness. We cannot be expected any longer to march and have our heads broken in order to say to whites: come on, you’re nice guys. For you are not nice guys. We have found you out…

This is what [Blacks] seek: control…[Black Power] means the creation of power bases from which Black people can work to change statewide or nationwide patterns of oppression through pressure from strength–instead of weakness.

President Richard Nixon’s response to the protests in a 1968 speech….

“[w]hat most of the militants are asking is not separation, but to be included in–not as supplicants, but as owners, as entrepreneurs–to have a share of the wealth and a piece of the action.” Federal government programs, Nixon said, should “be oriented toward more Black ownership, for from this can flow the rest–Black pride, Black jobs, Black opportunity and, yes, Black Power.”

PRIDE, from a personal stance, is synonymous with walking around graciously with your shoulders back and chest out (like we were taught in military Basic Training)…and just being overjoyed with who you are and what you epitomize…
Our “black pride” was our African-American basic training…tackling self-esteem issues in our community head-on..

I really don’t have to elaborate any further on the struggles of equality for “African-Americans” in the U.S. because this would turn into a drawn out history lesson. I brushed across the topic for those eyeing “Black Power” as an unnecessary social motto..

Realize that our “prides” we exemplify will always be contradistinctive. There’s no THRESHOLD to how much pride a group of people can display, when used in the proper context.

a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

As an African American (and I use this term loosely), I don’t have to dig into “Asian pride” or “Paisa pride”(Colombia) to try to analyze why the people are happy with their culture..and then attempt to use that as a PRECURSOR to gain self-admiration. No I can simply be lively of my heritage while simultaneously RESPECTING others for their pride based on their struggles.. because each culture has had to overcome some type of adversity be it big or small.

If you haven’t taken the time to love and embrace who you are FIRST, attempting to understand another culture on WHY they illuminate a certain pride will only leave you confused.

Although I feel it was never originally intended to stir up jealousy or bigotry in the minds of other hue-men (I don’t know because I wasn’t there when it was created), what it has done is cause others to question if they could be prideful of their own culture?
For me, the answer is ABSOLUTELY!

But what exactly is “White Pride”? Is it accepting the privilege that has been systematically handed to you and being boastful? Or is it along the same lines as expressed with “Black Pride?”

I have an enormous respect for Native Americans, and in fact I know without a shadow of doubt that I have indigenous american blood in my DNA. Most “African-Americans” do. Although they have had to relive the turbulent history of their ancestors (specifically annually on Thanksgiving “holy-day”), their peaceful attitudes are astounding. I bring this up because many European Americans neglect the FACT that land was meticulously taken from these natives while they were forced to relocate elsewhere. Although, they maintain a belief that land is not “owned” by hue-men, and we belong to the land…Millions of Native Americans were slaughtered for this “American dream.”

If “White Pride” is synonymous with “Make America Great Again,” then I may have a slight aversion to this. This motto was in fact first coined by Ronald Reagan during his campaign, but has recently been used during Donald Trump’s campaign.

Bill Clinton stated this remark in a 2016 rally for Hillary Clinton.

“I’m actually old enough to remember the good old days, and they weren’t all that good in many ways………That message where ‘I’ll give you America great again’ is if you’re a white Southerner, you know exactly what it means, don’t you? What it means is ‘I’ll give you an economy you had 50 years ago, and I’ll move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down,” he said.

Insinuating that “Make America Great Again” is a dog whistle term or coded language that is not meant for average citizens to comprehend.

Also repeating this statement only resonates with a few ethnic groups in America. For others who have had to suffer SINCE colonization, “Make America Great Again” does not apply to everyone. To those who perpetrate hatred towards the natives (including a majority of so-called “African-Americans”), this slogan “Make America Great Again” would have to equate to returning ALL of the native’s land back to them. Not little portions here and there, but ALL. If used otherwise, it would be pure hypocrisy.

I do know that there are some who innocently repeat this motto, with the sole intention of returning America back to its pre-colonized state and being fair to all hue-men. But there are others who only intend to “Make America Great Again” by persisting to promote racial superiority. This is why it’s vital to know exactly what you are repeating from your lips.

If “White Pride” means disregarding all of this historical evidence while continuing to spread supremacist behaviors across the earth…I cannot support that.

Pride is NOT accepting the privilege that has been granted to you while stepping on others to get to an imaginary top; imaginary because no matter how much we gain MATERIALLY, we are all still on this earth body..TOGETHER. And if COVID-19 didn’t prove that there is no amount of money, classicism, or superiority that can keep you from being taken out, then I don’t know what else will prove that!

Pride is NOT repeating the mistakes of the past, pretending to be all-inclusive in the public eye while plotting to use power to belittle others behind closed doors (KKK). If this is what “White Pride” means, then I can’t support that.

Numerous people (and not just Europeans) have misconstrued the meaning of race pride by being egotistic and acting violently towards a culture that’s different than their own SOLELY for boosting their psyche. THIS I do not support…..

Just for a second, think about what “White Pride” may mean to those affected by European invasion……

Not to cause a sense of guilt in you, but so that you can humbly INNER/OVERstand why saying this could cause more harm than good, if your intentions are not made clear.

A lot of individuals suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, aside from military Veterans. I’m talking about normal people who go on day to day suffering mental illnesses due to the effects of European invasion.

If “White Pride” is simply having pride in the CHANGE you represent, breaking down barriers and taking a REAL stand for what’s right, (like many are doing) then I’m ALL for it.

“All power to all the people, whether you’re white, black, blue, red, green, yellow or polka-dotted–in the final analysis, what we wanted was real people’s community control and empowerment.”

-Black Panther Slogan

It’s not about pride competition, to see who can outshine another the most…

If none of these examples that were given represent what you mean by saying “White Pride”, then actions speak louder than words.

If you have a GENUINE initiative of Culture Pride, and understand what that means, please get the message across to other people in your ethnic group who may be in the dark. Help them recover from whatever backwards thinking they have about race pride….by being a VOICE and an EXAMPLE.

As long as the end result is us:

  • working together as a whole to restore this earth to its proper position
  • recognizing the errors of the past and CORRECTING IT
  • showing a respectful attitude towards other groups and their story behind their pride
  • releasing egotistical tendencies to control others

…..then being prideful of whatever skin hue you have and whatever culture you depict shouldn’t be an issue.

These are my thoughts. What are yours?

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