Spirituality with a price tag?…I smell a SCAM…


I wake up and do my daily sun-rising routine.

Roll over….grab my phone from the nightstand…..check my emails….check my WordPress…..

And then I cautiously prepare to check my Facebook page….


I will admit, I use my settings wisely! I UNFOLLOW……BLOCK….or do whatever I need to do to keep from seeing unwanted posts on my newsfeed. (Pettiness at its finest? Or just using the resources that were given unto me by its creator?lol….shrugs)

Hey, it works for the most part, but there’s always a few that tend to slip past the parameters………..

So I’m scrolling down my timeline….

And I just feel my energy being distorted.

Now, I personally use FB to connect with like-minded individuals, meet family from my paternal lineage, and additionally to promote my blog/author business and website.

Not that an explanation needs to be merited for this topic, however if anyone is thinking WHY DON’T YOU JUST DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT?…then there’s the answer….

Secondly, this account was created after deleting my first account that I had for six years…..

But back to my VENT!

I’m so tired of it all.
I really just have to be real for a minute. Can I do that freely here without being judged? I believe so…..
I’m so tired of people using spirituality to gain personal benefits and selfish motifs. The majority of it may be done unintentionally, but for a LARGE percentage, it is most definitely deliberate…
For example….
We hear..

“Money is the root of all evil!!!” But GOD is going to bless you with $1000 next week, if you plant a seed of $200 into the CHURCH!!! But don’t go gambling your rent money sister/brother!! The LORD is not PLEASED with this!!

I have so much more I want to say on this topic of spiritual money traps involving spiritual advisors or counselors asking for money, but I will keep it simple. And I won’t go into my own personal analyzations on this tithing requirement, I will save that for a longer post detailing why I made a QUICK EXIT STAGE LEFT from religion…smh

I see the masses of social media “prophets” saying…Leave Christianity!!! Leave Religion!! (But follow me, because I have a better suggestion).

I always ponder if this is how most of the varying religious systems started in the first place…saying GOD TOLD ME A NEW REVELATION..I HEARD A VOICE IN THE WIND TO TELL Y’ALL TO DO THIS…(But no one else heard it. Never stopping to think that maybe it was that person talking in their head to themselves..but that’s none of my business) ๐Ÿต๐Ÿ™Š

COME and BUY this spiritual book WRITTEN WITH THE FINGER OF THE CREATOR!! IT AND ONLY IT will save your soul from a burning HELL!!!!


 (So The Creator wrote a book that “he” wanted me to PURCHASE in order to gain spiritual freedom? Just asking…)

We are NOT Black!! We are Hebrews!!………….So follow these laws and COMMANDments over here, and sign up for this Hebrew Academy to learn Hebrew-ISMS, that only qualified Deacons/Elders (who are newly trained) can teach) ๐Ÿ˜’

We ALL have spiritual powers!!……………………(But give me $25 because my power is stronger, and I can tell you who you were in your past life) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

We were given natural minerals of the earth for healing!!!…….(But let me set up this crystal shop and help others awaken by selling them these NECESSARY items for spiritual enlightenment.)

The Creator is in US!! Look within not without!! (But if you can’t access the Creator directly, set up a spiritual reading with me for $30 so I can access the source for you)

I’m literally swiping the screen as fast as I can to swiftly pass the nonsense.
I’ve had enough of the spiritual pimpitizations!! And yes I just made that word up, because it is pure foolishness to me and I can’t think of a word to describe my frustrations…
Millions of people are coming out of one trap only to be led into another one.
It makes my skin crawl to see innocent people being taken for granted.
It’s getting to the point where I do not trust ANYONE with THEIR “spiRITUAL” gifts.
I do not trust anyone to tell me anything about “spirit” self (you know…the spirit that drifts away when you’re drinking Remy, Henny..the spirit that lifts to the ceiling when you’ve smoked a good…….yeah that spirit).

It’s in us all.

But the problem I have is if the source lies in me, then I should be able to access it, because IT’S MINE. I KNOW MYSELF better than any other human being that walks, talks, breathes, eats, and take a crap just like me! If YOU as a hue-man being have been given AUTHORITY over my spirit I need to see documentation from “The Most High” “him”self!


I just don’t get it.
If it’s genuine and out of pure love, “spiritual gifts” that were freely bestowed unto you, then freely GIVE to someone else.
Information, aside from spirituality, that one has taken time to research, master, and compile into a document or manual, YES make your income off of that! You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work.

However, I feel Spirituality is one part of human existence that should NOT come with a price tag. People who are so-called “awake” are becoming the same hypocrites by selling spirituality.
Instead of charging someone for the gift that you claim to have, SHOW THEM how to access the same source you seem to be getting so much divine knowledge from.
Or be an example, living a life that someone else may view as inspiration! That’s the freest gift anyone can receive.
What really set me over the top was a “Blessing” loom that I almost naively put money towards in order to receive a larger sum of money in return. I first encountered this process from a FB friend who I won’t name on this post. But she posted it in one of her storefront “Crystal Healing” pages to catch the interest of her clients. So when she said she had a wealth secret that she had made lots of money from, it instantly peaked my interest. Out of curiosity, I INQUIRED.
While I was on the phone discussing this topic with her, I was typing it into Google search engine at the same time. If you know me, investigator work runs through my dna strands. So I try to research EVERYTHING, especially regarding matters of investing money.
As I’m looking it up online, it says that it is an old SCAM that people have been using more prominently around the holidays to snag money from unsuspecting victims..
And of course, because I try to give people the benefit of a doubt, I said okay…maybe she was lured into this as well and innocently recruiting people thinking they could flip their money. She’s trying to help….
Until I received a message saying that more of her looms were closed and that people were EACH getting $800 into their accounts…and a picture was shared showing me the amount of money in her account…sounded strange to me.
So I dug a little more. Once I figured out exactly what was going on, I knew it was indeed a deceptive tool used to flip money.

This system works in this way……..0

By placing a person in the middle of a circle. Each member gives $100 to be placed in the circle. The understanding is that when the circle is closed, the person in the middle will receive the BLESSING of $800. And then the next circle starts, the next person in line for their “blessing” gets placed in the middle of the circle. When that loom closes they receive $800. This cycle is repeated. And some describe it as spiritual “magic”, because no work is being done. We’re simply flipping our money. Nothing illegal to it, just a pure genius technique to increase our wealth and help others do the same.

But using my common sense, I soon realized that this blessing circle played in this way above will not BLESS EVERYONE. Because by human nature, skepticism will set in, and then the circle will eventually stop closing. People will get word of someone being ganked, and the game ends.

And who can blame them? Their actions are reasonable. If I am going to put my money into a circle to “bless” someone’s PayPal account, I have a right to know who is receiving my money and why!

But I digress. In conclusion, if the circle never closes, then these innocent people are left out cold and just lost however much money they put into the circle. And where does that money remain?In a BLESSED BANK ACCOUNT!

ANNNNDDDD not to my surprise, this actually did happen to a young lady. Click the link below to see the news report relating to this incident.


Additionally, people are being prosecuted for initiating this type of “blessing” circle on the ignorance of others.


Now, I’m not saying that this system is being used PRIMARILY for scams and that it can’t work. If you are in a circle with TRUSTED FRIENDS AND FAMILY and you guys decide to put X amount of money into a circle to help someone in need for the holidays, that’s cool!
Also, as it was explained to me, this system was/is used by varying groups for economical purposes. It’s called the SUSU/ESUSU method.


Today, Blacks in Latin America, Brazil, India, Papua New Guinea, Africa, the Caribbean, Melanesia, Europe and the Indian Ocean, Australia and elsewhere are uniting despite the distances from each other. Today, there seems to be an international awakening among Blacks and despite the problems we face, a world Black renaissance is on its way to becoming a reality.

Here in the U.S., too many of us are simply wasting the benefits we have, whether its wasting good media on music videos and one type of music, whether its wasting money on cars and things we can do without while our Black colleges are shut down and our ownership of real property is lessened, or whether its falling for the marry, divorce and break up the Black family plague that is destroying the African-American family.

In retrospect, its time to make a change and to work to stand as a positive force in the world. We have a GNP of over 600 billion dollars at our disposal, its time to put that money to good use to develop our communities and to contribute to building a better Black world. After all, if we can use our money to develop markets in other parts of the world and can build a manufacturing base, we will have helped develop a Black world that will be open to trade and commerce with us.

Paul Barton
Author of:
“Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth,” published by 1stbooks Library,



It is explained in further detail on the website. You can also easily google “Susu(Esusu) Economics” for other methods involving this term.

HOWEVER, one can see, this system has nothing to do with putting money into someone’s PayPal account blessing them with money in return for a certain amount of money. The mixture of these principles may be done deceptively.

Their system simply involved subjects putting their resources together to build something for their community. It’s economics in terms of keeping our money IN our communities by purchasing from our own group’s businesses (African-American, Asian, Arabic, etc.) instead of investing into another group’s business. This way our money circulates IN OUR community. Each one helps another to help EVERYONE as a whole.

It can also be used as way to LOAN money from our own group instead of going through a banking institution. This loaning alternative appeals to the poor or those who do not have good credit.

Another scenario…..

A group of friends unite and combine money with a common goal to start a business in a community. Cool. With this plan, there’s a legal contract in place that serves as a promissory for each investor receiving earnings, according to their investment amount, from any profits generated by the company..

If I’m blessing someone on social media WITHOUT an expectation of a returned gift or monetary item, I could give directly to that person through GoFundMe. For example, GoFundMe accounts have been set up all across the nation to help those who need emergency funds. That individual gives a description of their story, and then willing participants transfer money from their account to the person whom they are “blessing” and then they can use that money for the reasons described on the page. And of course people use this to scam others as well, but at least it is a more protected public platform that will be investigated if someone is not being truthful with their intentions.






The point I’m making is this….We have been scammed out of spirituality long enough. We have to do our due diligence to research EVERYTHING that comes into our path. Even MORESO when it’s claiming to be of a GODLY nature. If it doesn’t make sense, chances are you are being duped!

PLEASE be careful out here. Everyone that claims to be operating in a spirit of “helping you awaken” I hate to say does not always check out that way. Protect your hard earned money and make smart investments IF THAT IS YOUR M.O.

If you are in need of extra income there are many online job websites that will allow you to earn money from home.



This recommendation, I receive ZERO monetary award for sharing. I have tested a few of the websites listed on this page, and they are legit companies. But I haven’t gotten a chance to go through each one. So as precaution, try to validate your choice obviously before investing time, because there are sometimes scams in this method as well smdh. Just gotta be careful either way.

OR Make money OTHER ways that do not involve taking from the naรฏve in order to fill your pocket. In terms of “other ways”, there are a million and one.

It’s yo thang!! Do what you want you want to do!! I can’t tell ya!!! Who to sock it to! In the words of Ronald Isley.
We’re all grown! I’m in no way telling anyone what to do with their time and money.
But on a serious note, this  vent moment was for ME to release frustrations…AND for those like me who may be fresh off the religion train…OR who are looking for ways to earn extra money on the side. Just sharing experiences I’ve had to give insight and to exchange dialogue that way we’re all helping each other not be scammed!!
As I say again and again we are FREE to make our own CHOICES.
If you are a scammer and I see it I’m putting you on blast!!
Just kidding, I personally don’t have the time or energy to report EVERYONE. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
But we all know that consequences come along with every action we make be it good or bad. Whatever comes back to you is due largely to the energy you have put forward into the atmosphere.
Hope this helps! ENJOY YOUR DAY!

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