Are we really as FREE as we think?

“Be careful how you touch her, she’ll awaken
As sleep’s the only freedom that she knows
And when you walk into her eyes, you won’t believe
The way she’s always paying for a debt she never owes

And a silent wind still blows
That only she can hear, so she goes

Let her cry, for she’s a lady
Let her dream, she’s a child
Let the rain fall down upon her
She’s a free and gentle flower, growing wild”

This song is from an old school group, New Birth..and its titled “Wildflower”

You may have heard a later rendition of this melody performed by Jamie Foxx..”Unpredictable”..

These lyrics are from the ORIGINAL ballad.

Although I was born in 1989, my soul yearns for music that has meaning…timeless music that initiates healing.

This song depicts a Father who is devout to protecting his young flower throughout her growing journey…his pure…innocent..undefiled daughter. He wants to keep her as a young gentle flower, like every father’s hope. But he also knows that a little bit of rain is necessary for growth…let the rain fall down upon her..she’s a FREE and gentle flower growing wild…..

I never had this opportunity to be protected by an earthly father in my youth. However, I had many father-like figures throughout my life who looked after me. I had my mother whom I owe enormous homage to for her sincere efforts to protect her four children to the best of her ability.

Growing up in a small town in Pine Bluff, Arkansas…it was customary for our family to go to church every single Sunday. There had to be a life or death situation in order for us to skip church. Miss a day, and it was a guaranteed phone call from grandma..”Mrs. Betty”, the elderly overseer of the church..the whole usher board….the deacon’s wife…or the Pastor himself! LOL

I never understood why a certain guilt was attached to missing Sunday service. But as the old saying goes…”You’ll understand it better by and by..“…after having children of my own I do understand it better. When my daughter began to have questions of her own that encouraged me to dig. It led me to search for UN-indoctrinated answers. It was my beautiful daughter who awakened the free-spirit that was always inside of me.

Free spirited beings….

Whenever one hears this term, they may initially envision a rebel….a person who is drawn to the dark side…someone who is WILD….someone who doesn’t want to take heed to instruction….

That could be true for some…

However, when I refer to MYSELF as being a free spirit…I simply mean that I am not bound to the typical behavior patterns .set by society. I heed instructions as possible advanced knowledge and RECOMMENDATIONS. My spirit is not encaged in a box or stationed on a landmass. I am free to roam the earth as I please. I am free to broaden my mind past boundaries set by human..FREE to say yes or no…sometimes HELL NO..if it’s necessary.

I am FREE to ask questions and be unsatisfied with narrow perspective answers…YES this is a right we were given from creation to have a blossoming imagination that encourages growth. This is no SIN.

Sin means “without” in Español by the way….

But in English..

Sin is defined as an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law…error…mischief…OFFENSE…

If free thinking is a SIN…then who exactly are we offending by expanding our intelligence? What exactly is meant by being TOO FREE? Was this a divine law of nature or a law instituted AFTER creation?

I truly believe that it was never intended for us to be taught doctrine in order to keep us locked down in a single thought process. But to give us a foundation..a beginning….

If you taught your child meaningful instruction, would you inspire them to follow ONLY those lessons? Or would you advocate for them to EXPAND upon those teachings with a desire for them to learn more than what you as a parent knew…so that the next generation..and generations thereafter could go higher and higher in their knowledge….

Something to think about.

I know that I don’t have all of the facts to this thing called life. Neither am I here to steer anyone towards MY WAY because that would be indoctrination as well.

This is encouragement to think….live….OUTSIDE of the box…

Whoever designed this life must have had a bigger plan in place…must have had a similar “Wildflower” melody playing during inception of nativity.

Somehow this original plan became disturbed…….possibly…

Because all of creation exercises freedom…

Trees grow in its own forms…fruits grow in its varying shapes….undomesticated animals graze the earth freely…water flows through tight crevices and over rocks…FREELY….

So then why are we as human beings criticized for living as free as the wind? Are WE lower ranking than the rest of our neighbors on this earth? Of course not…we are ALL apart of creation….here by design.

There’s divine ORDER…but order and CONTROL are unequal.


Control takes away choice…it’s a forceful energy. It never teaches…it only provokes anger and REBELLION. Control steers a person in the opposite direction as a way to make a statement….to prove a point.

ORDER is similar to a learning curriculum…it gives us guidelines…it teaches critical analyzation….yet we are still FREE to choose our own path…just accepting the consequences of our CHOICE/actions…this contributes to EXPERIENCE…learning that can be felt.

Therefore I AM free to LIVE…

My INNER spirit guides me through life ..treating mistakes simply as life lessons….because life IS a school. We individually graduate from teachings according to our own conscious mentality and perspectives….some slower…some faster than others. Nevertheless…ALL on the same journey to one day upgrade from this flesh body.

Life gives us a platform to TEST each comprehension…in this way we LEARN….lesson plans turned into EXPERIENCES…experiences turned into TESTimonies……MONOLOGUES of tests (passed or failed)…

testimony: proof or demonstration of some fact, evidence.

A free Spirit is one who is a free thinker, original, bohemian, flower child, flowing with the wind, NONCONFORMIST..
These terms represent who I am…and maybe you as well…But are we really free? Or does it only exist in our minds….

To be continued….


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