Vaccinations…Deal or Dud?

In a blog post uploaded a day ago, I discussed the issue of society shaming breastfeeding mothers…those who have chosen to breastfeed in public.

It wasn’t until then that I realized the issue of vaccination doesn’t begin with my blog post or any other group that advocates UN-vaccination of children.

It begins with breastfeeding.

Compared to pre-civilization, most mothers in this generation opt out of breastfeeding for many reasons. (I’m exclusively speaking of the mothers who have the ability to breastfeed, but choose not to)

Here are a few reasons that I have personally overhead.

“I don’t want my breasts to sag afterwards.”

“I can’t deal with having milk leaking out.”

“I don’t want breastfeeding to interrupt my sex life”

You think of the logics; I’ve probably heard it.

Why were wombman given the instinctive ability to produce milk naturally? Because it serves a purpose. It is vital for our infants so that they can receive those antibodies promptly as they transition INTO THIS world. These antibodies, or immunoglobins, aid in an infant’s immune response system against foreign organisms.

This is where pure…uncultivated immunizations should start…

Society as a whole does more advertising for formula discounts, than encouraging mothers to breastfeed.

Am I insinuating that breastfed children will NEVER get sick or catch any viruses? Absolutely not.

I actually invested some time to read an article about a woman who grew up un-vaccinated. Because I value research of any kind, I try not to shun information that does not fit my analogies at a given moment. And I’m very glad I read the article.

She discussed how she grew up in a holistic household. She was breastfed up until the age of one. Her mother used aromatherapy, Echinacea, vitamin C, and other natural herbs as homeopathic remedies. However, she still contracted chickenpox, measles, and other childhood illnesses.

I’m convinced there are MANY other individuals who have this same story. Their attempts to remain disease free were unsuccessful with natural methods.

So I guess this means that being un-vaccinated is really not beneficial? I wouldn’t quite jump to that conclusion.

A few things that stood out to me in this reading is that although her family practiced homeopathic remedies, they would drink raw milk and eat meat…….ORGANIC meat……but still ingesting animal enzymes.

A lot of factors contribute to the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies and holistic living.

The number one factor is Diet. Eating dead organisms will actually weaken your immune system to a certain degree. We are living organisms, so we require nutrients that are LIVING…..and then our BODIES digest the food properly…distributing the minerals wherever they are needed internally and ridding itself of toxic wastes.

We have been trained to do the opposite. We KILL the nutrients before it even enters into our body by cooking food instead of eating it its raw form. Our salivary glands receive food that has already been pre-condensed. So we receive no benefit from fruits, vegetables, or other living substances introduced into our body.

The ENVIRONMENT is another factor. The pollutants in the atmosphere weaken the immune response system.

Again, if a person was not breastfed as an infant, that may be a factor in a weakened immune system.

Ingesting COW’S milk…(which I will go into further detail in another blog) contributes to disease.

Yes, I know we have been told that dairy is GOOD and that we’re suppose to intake a certain amount each day. Well why is that we’re the only species that ingest another kind’s milk other than our own? We never see calves drinking a lion’s milk…so on and so forth.

These are some things to ponder on. As I’ve stated before, I am no scientist. I simply think of things according to nature’s design. If your body tells you that something is wrong, it would be noteworthy to listen to it…. your inner self…your intuition……it doesn’t lie.

Being un-vaccinated does not GUARANTEE that you will not contract a disease.

We live on an organism that has been in dire need of therapeutic support…..for some time now.

Think about it…If the Earth is sick, then consequently we will get sick.

For parents who are against vaccinations, we are aware of the acclaimed benefits to vaccination. Our apprehension is not from an ignorance of benefits.

Our concern is…Are we contributing to the weakening of our child’s immune system by injecting a virus in them prematurely? Should we put multiple viruses into our child in short increments to “protect” them from contracting it later and getting seriously ill?

The US has a schedule as of 2016, a recommended dosage of more than 20 vaccines before the age of one.

OR should we as parents practice homeopathic methods to BOOST their immune system…and if they catch the virus later in life…their immune system will be strong enough to resist any advanced negative effects?

Both have risks! We’re playing Russian Roulette either way. So there’s no need to criticize one another for our choices.

We as parents will never have any for-sure techniques to keep our children from getting ill. We only do what we PERCEIVE is best for them……

To be continued….



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  1. Stetson says:

    I prefer my milk from the cow. 🙂

    Glad to have you aboard. So glad I stopped in to read your blog too.

    For powerful life changes here’s my blog.

    What do u feel about the myth of the flu? If we keep our bodies in balance we won’t get sick. Mostly alkaline.

    1. I respect your choice of cow’s milk Stetson! I will head over to your blog and check out more of your posts. I do agree that if we keep our bodies in balance we won’t get AS sick. The first time I caught the flu was after receiving the flu shot.

      1. Stetson says:

        Tell me about it. In the Navy I took a flu shot, well nasal spray. And I had the flu for 2 days. Im like I’d rather wait for the flu.

        Nice day for super hydration :)))

        High Five ✋

  2. Tatjana says:

    I find dairy to be SO unnatural! I also believe, as humans, we should be eating a primarily (90% of so) vegetarian diet, particularity raw. I’m really happy I came across your blog today! It was a great read, and always uplifting to see people writing to spark thought! Thinking that we know everything, because it’s 2016, is one of our biggest faults as a race. We should always be questioning how and why we do things so we don’t carry on bad habits handed to us by previous generations.

    1. EXACTLY Tatjana! I agree with you 100%. 💗💗💗💗

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