Could YOU or your child be suffering from vaccine damage or other healthcare mistakes? 

Is this really possible? Could YOU or your child be suffering from vaccine damage or other healthcare mistakes?

I know…what person in their right mind would DARE question the authority of having their child vaccinated…Or question the expertise of an M.D.?

Well…I’m probably one of the few who questions EVERYTHING!

My mother wasn’t always fond of this personality trait. But I must say, it has been beneficial to my entire existence..

Most times I am like a babe desiring to grow/evolve by asking the simplest questions and not following along with others’ conclusions of how things should be.

So what brought me to this point of reflection?

2012…A year in which I could never forget if I tried…

My daughter was born with her umbilical cord wrapped twofold around her neck..

She was almost as purple as a concord grape..and according to the physician she had aspirated meconium into her lungs..

My baby fought for her breath and her LIFE upon being delivered.

She was taken to the NICU where she remained for a week.

We’re finally able to take her home afterwards. But this triumphant moment was short lived when we had to return to the hospital due to infant seizures she experienced.

The amount of pricks and needles placed into her delicate skin was more than I can count on my fingers AND toes.

CT scans came back showing a bleed on her brain. Lab results showed…MRSA infection in her blood.

Of course like any parent we asked the most obvious question…How in the H..E…double hockey sticks…did our newborn contract STAPH INFECTION in her blood?!!

There are many “scientific” answers to this question. However, I’m no scientist. But I am a mother. And a mother’s intuition is more powerful than any theory or thesis..

Bottom line…she wasn’t born with it and she was under care of someone other than her parents for the first week of life.

Attempts to point blame at my breast-milk failed…But this temporarily left me helpless…I felt as if I had contributed to my daughter’s suffering. She was lying in the hospital bed for a month…not able to verbally express who or what had made her sick.

So in an effort to prevent any lawsuits or future cases against the hospital…the conclusion was made by the doctors layman’s terms…the staph infection just appeared out of nowhere in her blood..

She was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy and brain damage….The neurologist stated clearly….”Children like this don’t usually turn out normal.”

Being first time parents, our ONLY concern was getting our child out of the medical facility ALIVE!

My husband and I made a mutual decision to discontinue seizure medication for her at 6 months old. We worked with our child one on one at home. Through our military benefits, she received speech therapy as well as physical therapy.

We never sought revenge or any form of lawsuit towards the hospital. What I chose to do instead is to continue to share my story to help other parents. This was a case of birth injury and medical negligence.

Oftentimes, we put so must trust in healthcare practitioners and eeeeeeeeveryone else except ourselves. Some of us flee to the doctor’s office at the sign of our children having any cold or illness. We NEVER trust our gut instinct.

I am a certified healthcare professional, and I do believe we possess advanced knowledge of anatomical ailments. But we do not know everything.

After this ordeal I invested time to study more. I conducted searches on websites that have been medically reviewed by MDs and other advanced researchers. Prolonged use of Epilepsy medications can cause: vision loss, liver failure, Stevens-Johnsons syndrome (a serious skin disease), depression, and much more….

I soon realized that I no longer wanted to contribute to harming my child. My daughter has been vaccine free for almost three years. She is in perfect health with no signs of epilepsy, brain damage, cerebral palsy, or any common childhood diseases. This is because we stuck with our own internal advice as parents…we slowly detoxed her from all vaccinations using the herbs and medicines of the earth.

Parents, ask yourselves a serious question. If we were born with everything in our DNA to fight illnesses..then why should a virus be injected into your innocent baby’s veins to “protect/immune them” from that same disease? What are the chances of them EVER contracting the virus to begin with?

Would your child have ever gotten measles or chicken pox if they were never injected with the virus?

Research…there are more children who have been un-vaccinated that are perfectly healthy.……

“92% of children requiring a tonsillectomy operation had received the measles vaccination, indicating that the vaccination for measles may have made some of the children more susceptible to tonsillitis.”

“…vaccinated children were up to five times more likely to suffer from a variety of diseases and disorders than un-vaccinated children”

“…vaccinated children were more likely to suffer from asthma, eczema, ear infections, hyperactivity and many other chronic conditions.”

I don’t want to beat a dead horse…I’m sure you see the picture here.

Why do we allow FEAR to push us to inject our children with the virus? Think about it…the only reason for getting the ebola vaccine was because people FEARED contracting the disease….after the media plastered horrendous images of people mutilated from the virus.

But do you know that there are millions of viruses floating around on your unwashed fruits..on your vegetables…on your countertops..on your door handles..and you are alive and well! Your body is your doctor! Many of us have diseases right now in our bodies that we are not aware of. And it goes away on its own…no pharmaceutical interventions needed.

Word etymology of Pharmaceutical: drug..potion…narcotic..depressant…sedative..POISION…vaccination…quick fix..

NONE of which pertain to HEALING

If this image above of a natural organism (corn) being injected with a vaccine makes no sense to you…

Then why would injecting a natural organism (YOURSELF) make ANYMORE sense?

To be continued………….


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  1. Good to hear your child is doing well without the vaccines. That gives me hope. When I have children, I’m opposed of vaccines.

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    1. Thank you for the well wishes! My daughter thankfully does not have any signs of serious vaccine damage..she is now 4. I applaud you for your decision with your future children. It is our right as parents to make that decision. 💗💗

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