What Makes Black Expats Different?

THIS!!!! 💗💗💗💗

Life Behind The Wall

I often get asked if there is a difference between Black expats and expats of other nationalities.   I always tell them.. that there isn’t a difference.  We want to travel and see the world.  We want to meet people from different places.  We want to educate ourselves and maybe we want to find the perfect mate.  Just like any other person that wants to go abroad and explore the world.  In my mind, there was nothing different.. no story to write about.   But last night when I was out having dinner with some of my friends, I realized that there IS something different between Black expats and other expats.   Let me explain.

Those of you that read my blog… that are pigment impaired  may not know this but we black people… no matter the country, the city, the state, or financial background., will smile, nod, or wave whenever we…

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