SuperMom Saves the Morning

This rising..I wake up to CRUMBS randomly scattered over my bed sheets….Every roll I make a new crumb meets my legs….an even bigger crumb greets my feet!!

The oatmeal cookies my son had for snack last night didn’t all make it in his mouth I’m guessing….

I open my eyes dimmly after hearing my four year old daughter say “I’m going to fix me some cereal”…

I’m saying to myself please tell me this is a dream…..but for the umpteenth time my inner being reminds me that this is real life….

You know when your mommy alarm is going off in your head..but you plan to sleep in a little while longer out of desperation….seriously believing those extra five seconds of sleep will be the difference between groggy mommy or “good morning dear” mommy….

Yeah that’s me every…single….sun rising….


But I’m still moving in slooooowwww moooootion…Until finally I feel a little squishy baby bottom on my arm..and I feel warm spouts of air across my face….

Great…now my two year old is up…

There goes that plan…..

I open my eyes a little wider than before and his cute little face is less than 2 inches from mine…he’s smiling at me and says…”Wake UP mommy…Wake uuuuupppp”

And as I smile back at him…he says “Are you proud Mommy…are you proud?”

Still half sleep…I’m not exactly sure what I was suppose to be proud of…but I smile back and say “Yes baby I’m proud”

I look over at my husband…as I do every morning..thinking maybe…JUST MAYBE the two munchkins managed to get to him first so I could have a break…….

But…unsurprisingly..he’s still in his induced coma..eyes unbothered and breathing patterns in perfect sync…UNDISTURBED…

Hmph..he’s probably somewhere in dreamworld sitting on a golden throne (toilet) for HOURS ..with the Laker’s game on a 70 inch screen..soundwaves blasting through his auditory…only the scent of HOT FRESH COFFEE will awaken him from this delusion…

Yet I STILL attempt to tap him to see if he’s doing the mannequin challenge or if he’s really asleep…

Total FAIL….

Mommy has the save the morning again…

I hear some bowls clacking together and chairs stirring around in the kitchen area..and suddenly I remember my four year old is making breakfast since Mommy was too slow to get up this morning!!

So I activate my super mommy energy booster and I dash into the living room to find her on the floor…

She has three bowls assembled with cereal perfectly centered in all of them…and she’s preparing to pour milk in the last bowl..

She says…”Look Mommy! I didn’t make a mess like you thought I would!”

I ask her who’s the third bowl for..and she says “I made puppy some cereal too”

I look at “Puppy” and puppy is leaning over to the side..looking like he has no life in his body. But I figured it was probably because he wasn’t excited about being up early either….

And I say to myself…

Welp….what the heck..I guess puppy DOES deserve some cereal after all of this commotion..

SuperMom made it at the last milk pour….but she still saved the morning…



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