Who I AM

Song: Brandy “Who I AM”

“Thank You for all the tears…all the stress…You’re the best….

I feel blessed…I’m a better woman now.  Look how I smile, all you did was help the next man….Cause this experience…..made me….who i am…”

This song is from an artist I grew up listening to…Brandy..and it’s titled “Who I Am”..

Now of course, she was referring to an Ex that took her through a roller-coaster of turmoils. The creative melody explains the pain and hurt from a relationship that made her into the woman she is today…possibly a real life experience..possibly just art.

However, many of us have this same melody resonating in our day to day life. The way we smile…the way we walk…the way we talk…the way we dress….

We all have had that one relationship that while looking back,we probably never would have put ourselves in that predicament…if we were wiser. Yet certain involvements teaches us wisdom.

And while my intentions are not to bring up the PAST…I truly believe that every life obstacle we face..be it bad relationships or bad decisions..is to bring us to a point of complete manifestation of SELF.

I have sang this song many times. But now when I sing it, I don’t envision an evil ex-lover. For one, I have no ill feelings towards anyone in my past. Because like them, I’m sure I have made some terrible misrepresentations of myself.

This song is a reminder to my inner soul that I MUST give thanks to every heartache…every knife placed in my back….every mental breakdown…every “Why Me” question…all of the crazy decisions I made…all of the things that appeared to be MIStakes…REtakes…or NO..takes (things I never got a chance to do)…while being in this flesh materialized body.

This song is a reminder that I AM who I AM today BECAUSE of my past. And I would never regret any of it.

Ladies/Men..stop blaming the past lover for MAKING you become bitter and un-trusting of others…blaming THEM for YOU being stuck in this box…feeling complacent…sheltered..convenient with this love-lock-down mentality. You are only hurting/killing YOURSELF. You see others move on…but You…you’re still in this matrix enslaved by your own misUNDERstanding of universal lessons.

All of this anger that you have stored up inside of you is eating you up like a cancer. Your cells respond to your malicious ways…How?

Thoughts…e.MOTIONS…Words.. are all vibrations….Vibrations are energies…..Energies..just like X-ray energies..have the power to change microorganisms in your body…creating abnormal growths…cancers…making you a prisoner in your own CELL(s).

Instead of seeing the bLESSON in this past relationship you are radiating a negative energy from your body and allowing that person to control your FUTURE actions..thus he or she is molding your future self for you..

Congratulations! You now have a SUBcreator who is PRESIDENCE over your mortal being.

STOP!!! NOW!!!!! Take your power back and LIVE!

Allow the past to be the PASTe that molds you into the beautiful present being that YOU wish to manifest….Don’t allow your past to keep you from creating the life you desire.

I didn’t…and I’m a better woman because of it.

We were designed by an advanced Creator…created in an ever changing world. The keys were given to you from conception to go and create the life you would be happy in. A part of that is making mistakes..making wrong decisions..being naive..being unsure…being confused….but in the end those lessons are suppose to make you better…your darkness is suppose to become your light.

Do you see the light?



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